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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pizza, Pizza And Other Things Too

The boys and I have just returned from an epic journey. To prepare for the upcoming onslaught of pizza throwing we journeyed out into the great unknown in order to bring back ancient pizza wisdom. Our bellies took us to Los Angeles, Berkley and San Francisco. 3 days, 10 meals, 3 "snacks". Judge for yourself but I think we rose to the occasion.

First a outline of our itinerary:
Day 1- Fly into L.A. Straight to lunch at Lucques. Drive by Pizzeria Mozza(the nights dinner). Track down La Brea Bakery, lovely bread. Nancy Silverton, the owner, is also part owner of Pizzeria Mozza-with Mario Batali. A little dilly-dallying(code for getting the belly ready for dinner ie. A movie). Dinner at Pizzeria Mozza

Day 2- Fly into S.F.(oakland) Straight lunch at Chez Panisse. Got the full tour from our waitress. Beautiful kitchen. Drive into San Francisco, grab a snack at In-n-Out. Off to Union Square, on foot to Wesfeild Mall-a host of new upscale "fast food"- to grab a snack from Out The Door. Back to the car and off to A-16 for dinner.

Day 3- Breakfast at the Grove, croissants at The Boulangerie. Straight away to Pizzetta 211 for a light lunch. A little drive through Golden Gate Park and then off to Pizzeria Delfina. We make our way-after a few u turns- to the Ferry Plaza Building for some gelato and a taco at Mijita. A little more dilly-dallying and we are off to dinner at Zuni Cafe for our final meal.

Day 4- Fly home and recuperate with some fish tacos.

A Photo Montage

Lucques-Our first morsels


La Brea

Pizzeria Mozza Aglow

Day 1- Looking Good

Do We Know What's Coming

En Route To S.F.

Head In The Clouds

Todays Menu

Our View

The Entrance

The Entrance#2

A Short Respite

Salt House-Just Looking

A Side Job

A Scenic Break

A Perfect Pizza Margherita At A-16

View From The Street


La Boulangerie-Perfect Croissants

Pizzetta 211

One Of Many At The Dahlia Garden

Pizzeria Delfina

Zuni Cafe

Dreaming Of Pizza...

There is so much more from our trip. Many beautiful pictures and words of wisdom will follow from our other two resident gentlemen.


Will said...

Man, you're doing it right. I appreciate you showing how life can be lived beautifully and well.

I need to figure out how to make my "research" more like yours!

Colton said...

Where there is a "Will" there is a way.

Anonymous said...

a fellow bay area native pointed me to your place - says that there is hope yet for utah county to have a decent place to eat now that you guys are around.

but, after reading this blog entry, i have to say that you guys TOTALLY BLEW IT:

you didn't go to zachary's pizza in berkeley to get a stuffed pesto.

seriously - you will have to go back to the sfbay, because this is an inexcusable oversight that will leave a gaping hole in your pizza knowledge - not to mention a void in your souls.