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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pizzeria 712 is the new awesome

Thanks to my sister-in-law Betsy for the great post about P712. Check it out at her site the new awesome.


The Primos said...

My hubby & I happened upon P12 for lunch earlier this week. And we're in love.

(with each other. AND P12.)

We've already decided to bring another couple - or two - along with us tonight. For a fresh breath of chic dining in Utah County. Finally.

But here's what gets me even more jazzed...we're here (on a 4-year BYU hiatus) from the warm & wonderful of Scottsdale. We've often longed for a dining experience with a little more charisma than the town favorites & corporate monstrosities(i.e. CPK, PF Changs). As soon as my hubby & I walked out of your place the other day, I phoned my mom in AZ: "Mom! We've found a place up here! It's like Pizzeria Bianco!".

Eatery Elation.

Thanks for coming to town. I'm telling everyone I know to stop by. Will probably publish my very own "P12" post sometime soon...for anyone who's willing to read.

~ Emily & Erik, Provo

Colton said...

Hey... Thank you. We are excited to be here and feel grateful for the kind response from you wonderful people.

KA said...

I came with my friend for lunch on Wed of this week. Triple loved. So much so that I went with a different friend for lunch yesterday. Loved again.

And just now the yesterday-friend called me and said, "Hey, do you want to go get some more of that pizza?"

Fantastic! You're going to need more tables.