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Monday, January 26, 2009

First P712 Dinner Club

The time is at hand. Tomorrow will be our first dinner club. Why are we telling you this you ask. Not to get you to come (which isn't a bad idea) but to let you know that we won't be open for regular dinner service. We will serve lunch from 11:30-3:00 as normal but will then close down for the Dinner Party. If you don't make it this time, we won't hold it against you, we know you are there in spirit.


Shelly Bean said...

it was amazing... so grateful for such great food

{natalie} said...

ooh i'm glad we came for lunch today. i kinda forgot it was tonight! maybe next month we can come (after scuba is over)

lunch was delicious! i love that 3 cheese pizza.

rookie cookie said...

I had to drop you guys a comment and let you know how fantastic my dinner was last night. Thank you for making real food. Can't wait for next season's menu.

Shawn said...

Colton tell me more about this Dinner Club. What is it exactly? Let me know more about it and I will write about it on the Dining Blog for the next time you do it.

Colton said...

Thank you everyone.
Shawn... the P712 dinner club is a set 4 course meal for $38. It is also an opportunity for us to try some new dishes. Some that we couldn't do on a normal night. It is a little more laid back and we have time to chat a bit more. All in all it is a chance to see the Pizzeria in a new light, and get something great to eat in the process.