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Saturday, May 2, 2009


We will be working away on Monday, May 4th. It will not be making pizzas though. After 18 months of being open, we are taking a day off to show the restaurant we care. If you come by we will have some extra rags and dusters and we will put you to work for future pizzas.

We will be back to business as usual on Tuesday, May 5th.



erita said...

colton & joseph! what a beautiful website and delicious-sounding menu! i stumbled across your website from a blog i follow--she did an amazing shout out to you guys ( how surprised i was to click on your blog and see you two there! it's been awhile since we rubbed elbows up at sundance. any chance you want to move your yummy restaurant up to seattle?

so glad to glimpse your new adventure!

erica s.

Colton said...

It is great to hear from you. While I love the Seattle area( I live on Whidbey Island for a while) with us riding our bikes to work it could be a long commute. You do have some great spots up there already as I am sure you are aware. Salumi, Serious Pie and Sitka & Spruce are some places I would check out.
We hope all is well.