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Friday, September 18, 2009

Finishing up at Communal.

This week has been a big one. We poured our concrete counter for the bar..

Got our signs and started painting the trim outside from maroon to gray..

Hung the track lighting..

Got our fancy chairs and shutters for the private dining room..

Put the concrete sink in the bathroom..

And got our van for the catering company..

We're one week away now so it won't be long!


Debra said...

So, for the greater good of the people of Provo I hereby submit myself as a potential juror--surely you need someone, a representative of the people, to sample every single menu item to make sure it's acceptable. Wouldn't want our citizens' fine palates (courtesy Chuck-A-Rama and Applebees) exposed to something unappetizing. Just call me and I'll try to tear myself away. It's my duty.

hannah :: sherbet blossom said...

can't wait to try it out!!

Sarah said...

I love Pizzeria 712 - can't wait to try Communal!

Likely said...

concrete countertops are a dream of mine. I've always wondered about how much they would cost because I have never known anyone to do them. Care to share?

This place looks incredible. Can't wait to try it in a couple weeks when I am in town!