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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Food Inc.

It's about time we woke up from the dream of cheap, fast food. The idea that food, the nourishment that keeps our amazing bodies alive, can and should be inexpensive, immediate, AND tasty all at the same time is a lie that we've been told over and over by very seductive marketing campaigns. The fast food empire is unsustainable. Real food costs real money, created by the real sweat of human beings. Work=productivity=goods=wealth. A products' worth can only match the labor and elements that went into creating it. Which makes one wonder the true worth of a $.59 hamburger. Please watch this movie. And let us know how you are going to change.


only a man said...

Joining a CSA might be a good start. It's very exciting that Bell Organic in Draper has recently announced that the Pizzeria will be a drop off point for the 2010 CSA!

Follow this link to their announcement:


Marte Marie Forsberg said...

I agree!
Coming from Norway I am used to a mother making every meal from scratch with local food in season. I cannot thank her enough for giving me such a good tradition to carry on:)

Janint said...

I just watched this documentary 2 weeks ago. I'm trying organic products every once in a while and looking for options. Congrats for trying something different in your restaurant. I have to go sometime. I just knew about it while reading NieNie.