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Monday, September 10, 2007

Some History

Pizzeria Seven Twelve grew out of the desire for sustainability. In every sense of the word. Without getting to high up on the soap box we want to change the way restaurants run. We are fortunate to stand on the backs of giants, as you can see by perusing out some of the links we have. Many years of kitchen labor have left us with some questions that need answering. Why must we be stuck in the "back", why all work and no play, why are we serving asparagus and strawberries in December, tomatoes that barely dent if you drop them. Why are we using our dollars to support those who could care less about what goes into the "foods" they sell then about what comes out of the bottom line. The funny thing is, is that we don't need to spend anymore money then we already are. We don't need to be hip foodies or cool cats to eat well.

It can be hard at times for us to put into words what will be readily visible the moment you walk in the door, we want to take care of people. From our employees, to our farmers, to our guests, to us. This is at the foundation of what we do. Our space is inviting, the food simple, local and changes often. Who wants to eat the same thing every night? We certainly don't.

We hope that what we are doing will sound the tuning fork in our communities belly and that we can begin a dialogue than can be easily digested over a nightly pizza.


Will said...

Nice Colton, I like your approach. I'll be interested to hear more about your philosophy and how you see sustainability as a guiding ideal for a restaurant.

Colton said...

Thanks Will. We hope to ease into it so that by the time people realize what is happening... it will be too late. Enjoy your delicious local fruits and vegetables suckas... ha, ha, ha(evil laugh).

Geo said...

It's about time.