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Sunday, September 9, 2007

To The Future... And Beyond

The moment we have all been waiting for. Is almost here. As you can see(with your own eyes) our construction is well underway. We have had the electricians and plumbers hard at work and now are getting closer to a 4-way inspection and some sheetrock. Every mans dream. Sheetrock. From there we are off to the races. We have a nice cozy nook for our oven to reside, a place to go to the bathroom, even an office where we can lounge around in our hammock. Make your own pizzas anyone? In a few short days we will have some new pictures that will show off all the new duds. Until then, C-train, J-Money and BT say peace out.


jen said...

I'm so excited for the pizzeria to open! Can't wait! Yum!

Will said...

This is exciting brother! Even if I only get to eat there once or twice a year, I'll fly to Utah to do it! I like the blog too. It's nice for a business to have a human dimension.

Colton said...

Thanks. We thought so too. We look forward to seeing you.